Hello! I hope you enjoy visiting these pages as much as I did when I was creating them.  Please feel free to give suggestions or comments. My sincere thanks go to my friends Mark, Craig and Luke who have patiently taught me everything I know. There are 19 pictures in this page for you to choose. Thanks Nhan who gave me the computer and Clara, Maggie and my children Thi and Thu who encouraged me to learn the art. Thanks Carina !! Last August update was with the Kayaking trip on the Rivanna River with Mark. I truly enjoyed it ! Lately I just found an old photo with me and Einstein that I loved so much! I like to share it with you. Added are a couple more from the last Birthday and Thanksgivings of  mine. There goes the year 2001! Have a great coming New Year. I wish everyone the best. Wendy is VanThi's best friend and God Mother to Clara. You can see her with me here a lot.                                 

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With Clara-01 kayak2_01 kayak3_01 kayak4_01
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kayak10_01 kayak11_01 Thanksgivings_01 WendyBD_01
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With Einstein 99 Tet 97 With Hang 97 With Ninh Hanoi
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Tet 01 With Le 01 Thi's May 01 with Onyx May01
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Thi's May 01 at Thi's may 01 with Wendy Xmas 00