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Jan. 2001- Grandma's going home with Dan Thu

..."When her grandmother passed away in the early 1990’s, the family wanted to lay her ashes to rest in a family temple in Hanoi.  After many years’ absence, Dan’s mother went back to Vietnam, renewed contact with family there, and then returned home to raise funds . Once she got the little temple built, she turned to Dan to finish the mission."...wrote Herbert Paulzen a Dutch Journalist in The Hague. Here is the story.

The following pictures represent events and people that have been significant in my life in time and space indicated. It gives me great pleasure to share them with you all.

Jenny and HTML


Jenny and JavaScripts

The Flower Show


Y2k Photo Album

Photo and slide-shows


Jenny's writings

Our Roots:
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Grandparents-Parents and Brothers

Jenny with the Masters

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Mom & my Charl'ville family

This is your 2001-2003 special pictures

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Click here for Clara's drawings.

My Mom:
Meet My Mom, My Mentor
A pencil drawing

Le: My Sister Le
Pencil drawing

Here is some of Le's photos in
The yester-years And after 1992 Click here

Here are some of Le and Jenny's pictures

Pictures at Tet 03

Jenny's self portrait

More of Jenny's Art works

The Computer Lab Wizards.

Cooking for the computer club party

Click on the picture to meet the cooking staff.

DanThu and friends

Nov 03. Dan Thu and friends.
HERE are all the "Zambezi" pictures with
thumbnails and enlargements.

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An attempt with a new toy.
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The Zambezi River
Dan Thu in SouthEast Africa.

DanThu in America!

(The Colorado River-The Grand Canyon)

The good thing about the future is
It comes only one day at the time.

Abraham Lincoln

Silences make the real conversations between friends.
What counts is not the saying but the
never needing to say.

Margaret Lee Runbeck

Jenny writings in Vietnamese

             "Nguoi gia o que huong"
"Vo Thuong"
"Chuyen co that "
"Song Tron Ven"
"A Lai gia thuc"
"Bo Rac "
"Bo Rac (Tiep theo)"
"Anh But toi"
"Anh Nghien toi"
"DuyenSanh nhu Huyen "
"HinhThuc va NoiDung"
"Luan ve chu Huu cua Phat"
"Thuy Chung "
"TriTuc Tam ThuongLac"
"TriTuc va DanVan "
"VietNam Nuoc toi"
"Ta On"
"Thenh Thang"
"Thay Bon Su"
"GiaiPhong TamLy"

Jenny's writings in English

             "A forest called Humanity"
"The Patriarch"
             "My Grandfather "
             "World War II and Mom"
             "The National Heroes"
             "Pleasure and Pain"
             "Questions without Answers"

An e-collage with a photo from Holland by DanThu Nguyen.

Congratulations To anh chi Hanh+Phe . 60 years of happiness! You are an inspiration to us all. (HanhPhe = HoangPhe = HanhPhuc)
Your Photo Show is here We love you.

Love is or it ain't.
Thin love ain't love at all.

Toni Morrisson

It's a sign of mediocrity when you
demonstrate gratitude with moderation.

Roberto Benigni

Ultimately, magic finds you if you let it.

Toni Wheeler

All women have intuition.
The great ones have radar.

Cathy Guisewite

Shared joy is joy doubled.
Shared sorrow is sorrow halved.


In the midst of winter, I finally learned that
there was in me an invincible summer

Albert Camus

You are what you repeatedly do
Excellence can be an habit also.


You can't get spoiled
If you do your own ironing.

Meryl Streep

New photo album

Craig's boys
Biography of Dan Thu
Jenny's autobiography
Jenny with the dear ones.
Baby sitting Clara
Clara in Costa Rica
Tet 2004 in VA

If you haven't seen the Flower Show and the 2000 Album, here they are again:

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   Welcome to Jenny's 2000 Photo Album

Click on thumbnails to see the page then click on the pictures to have it enlarged.

Van Thi




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Special pix



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