"Reflections", photograph by Dan-Thu Nguyen

When Lips Do Speak


~.: Stephanie Lam :.~


When lips do speak the

Words that heart have ached

It kisses the air that which

It utters touching the curves

Of every sound


When lips do speak the illness

Of the world and in ill will it

Spills the violent waves of

Endless seas of storm


If eyes did see beyond the shell

And learn to know the life

Within. A light that glows

That ne’er could be seen only

If that which do past coffer

And look within


If eyes see only beauty

In what all

Else could be seen

Where hidden darkness

Of eyes can ne’er penetrate

The truth is still inside


Shall mind play games

Of true silly trickeries

That of old has existed

The colors of vivid shapes

As words flow and curve

The twisted mind of

Many dark corridors

With doors that wait

For days to be revealed

Or shall mind be bruised

Let memory be stolen


The fingers that grasps

A mind let rot in peace

Keep heart above mind and

Eyes will see the

True light of that

Which glows in all and

Ne’er would mind play tricks

To cause the death to memory


Stephanie Lam was 15 years old when she wrote the poem. She lives in Porland Oregon with her Mom and sister Kat. She also likes Music, Painting and Performing Arts.