Jenny over the years

Portland OR

Woodland Heights 2007-2008


Each picture below carries in itself a little sweet happening in my life. I wish I could have time to start writing my "Memoires". If you know something about me and my family, Dan and her husband Bert Jan, my grand daughter Clara, my cousin Y in France and more in CA, you can get the story going and going. You will see here some of my very dear friends like Terry and Lan, Kimme and Hoang-Dung and Quang-Thuy, the couple with whom I share the daily rain and shine in this corner of the world. I miss others relatives and friends like Nhan and Ngoc because I don't have picture of them here but they are always in my heart, with me all the way... I love my apartment and the people I share this Retirement Community with and I love you all.

On a project with
Halle Phan
With Dan and
Bert Jan
Dan w/Jenny Oct 07 Co Y en voyage

Halloween at W.H.

Halloween at W.H.

BD gift from Q and Th
a Jack LL juicer

Thuy w/ Jenny

Kimme w/ Jenny

Jenny at Dan
n B.Jan 's W.D

Micah one year old

Thit bo nhung dam

Don dep nha cua

New juicer

From Kimme

Clara sweet 15

BD gift from Dan

Jenny's corner

Terry-Lan and Jenny

Dan w/Bert Jan in Paris

New mattress ha !

Visit from G/V

Jenny and Dung

The proud man

BD at Woodland H.

Fall at Woodland H

Xmas flowers home

Jack's Poinsettia

House on Peacock L.

After party at G.Tien


Greeting card fm Jenny

Xmas at home

Jenny w/keybrd

Jack with flowers

The pointsettia.

Clara in London

Jenny at N.Y party W.H

Xmas flowers

NY party-home

Gift from Giao Tien

New jacket Happy NY



Mitch, Micah and Lisa