Building and Grounds

Mulching the parking-lot islands and the Summer Garden.

This committee meets to analyze building problems and needs at the Senior Center on Pepsi Place, and to develop action plans for their solutions.

Members address building concerns as well as maintenance of flowers and plantings on the grounds and exterior structures. The grounds people maintain the parking area, the trees and shrubs. The maintenance of the lawn is the responsibility of the staff. The Rose Garden is maintained exclusively with volunteer help using the guidance of Crystal Kennamer. Many members of the Charlottesville Horticulture Club work in the rose garden.

Members wishing to make a significant contribution to the ongoing operation of the Center will find this group a fine place to start. Those who have some experience in gardening, landscaping, or building maintenance would be most welcome. Just plain grunt work is appreciated as well.

The Committee meets in the Board Room of the Senior Center on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 9 AM.

Walter Blankenbaker, Chairman.
Harriet Mederios, Sect.
Ed Rushia, Chairman of Grounds.
Mary Anna Rushia, Chairman of Rose Garden.
Crystal Kennarmer, Rosarian Consultant.
A list of other active members is listed at the end of the page.

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Walter Blankenbaker.
Crystal Kennamer pruning "New Dawn"
Joy Beacon, Harriet Mendores and Mary Anna Rushia.
Looking over the situation.
Curtis and Ed resting.
Judy Tonti and Harriet Mendores.
Ed and "Blower".
Ane Grinell.
Barbara Spellman.
Judy White.
Joseph's Coat "Troika".

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