Low Vision

(Collage courtesy of Jenny Hoang of the Friday Art Group)

The Senior Center offers this social and resource group for people with low vision. They meet in Robey Room C, bring a bag lunch, and talk over their shared interests.

Meeting Time is the first and third Tuesday from 12 Noon to 1:00 PM.

For more information, contact Suzanne Burch at 295-1050. She works in association with Dr. Stephen Record at Vision Solutions LLC.


Tips from a friend:(excerpt from the Low Vision Information Center News Letter Spring 2003)

Tips for assisting a relative or friend who has low vision:

  • Allow me to do as much as I can, even if it takes longer to accomplish a given task. I’ll let you know if help is required but let me take the lead in determining the amount of assistance needed. I’d rather take more time and remain independent than have you do everything for me.

  • Provide specific directions. Rather than “the book is over there,” say “the book is on the far right side of the coffee table.” Push chairs under tables and keep cabinet and closet doors closed.

  • Don’t assume a specific task is impossible because I have a vision impairment. Most activities can be pursued using appropriate low vision aids and adaptive strategies.

  • Understand that it makes complete sense that someone with low vision can have trouble recognizing even familiar faces yet still notice a speck of dirt on the kitchen floor.

  • Do not take my arm to guide me around; instead allow me to hold your arm just above the elbow. Alert me to obstacles such as stairs, doors, curbs, or thresholds. And don’t forget to let me set the pace.

  • One of the sweetest sentences you can say to me is, “I have some extra time this week. What can I help you with?”

  • Put items back where you find them. I often locate objects like canned goods by remembering their exact location; i.e. chicken noodle soup is on the right; clam chowder is on the left.

  • Laugh with me. A sense of humor makes everything easier, and I haven’t lost mine, even if I have lost some of my vision. Communicate often and openly. (Obvious but often overlooked.

  • (Located in Bethesda, Maryland,  the non-profit Low Vision Information Center helps people with low vision maximize their remaining sight.  Strategies for coping with low vision, along with other essential information, can be found on www.lowvisioninfo.org.

  • We sincerely thank Ms Amy Gabala, Exe. Director of the Low Vision Information Center for her exceptionally helpful and enlightening correspondence.