The Art Group

"Canal House" Water Color by Elouise Stafford

Seniors interested in drawing and painting gather each Friday morning at the Senior Center in the Arts and Crafts Room on the second floor. A still life setup is provided for subject matter and occasionally a model is engaged for portrait and figure studies. No formal instruction is provided, but members share their experience and knowledge with one another freely.  Helpful critiques of work are given upon request.

The Group started in the early 90’s and counts more than 20 members this year. We come from different walks of life and have a variety of interests, but the passion we have for beauty and color brings us together, and the goal of a community of artists helps strengthen our commitment to one another. We have bloomed into a cheerful group of friends. Some of us often go to lunch together after painting, and we share other retirement interests or family stories with one another.

The Group periodically exhibits its works in the Robey Room Gallery downstairs. Our art works are also on display in the hallway outside the Arts and Crafts Room.

The Friday Art Group meets on Friday morning from 9:00 to 12:00, as well as Monday from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., in the Arts and Crafts Room opposite the elevator on the second floor. The Group welcomes all Senior Center members to visit or join us. If interested please contact Marion Hansen, Fine Art Group Chairperson, at (434) 974-5662.

Meet Elouise the Artist: Water color painting has always been my avocation but my vocation was teaching elementary children. My passion for painting and art has made my teaching more exciting and fun.
  Since retiring I have been able to attend at least one watercolor workshop each year.
One of my favorite was a 2wk workshop at Booth Bay Harbor Maine The instructor was Skip Lawrence.
  The Senior Center Art Group is a wonderful outlet to continue painting.