Links of Interest to Seniors in the Computer Club

Prepared by Jenny Hoang
Date this page is last edited: September26 2004

Hot links with Tips and Tricks

  • The Internet. Tutorials on the Internet
    Internet for beginners. Tutorials on: *Popup killers - *Parent (or grandparent) control - *Building web site - *Printing a webpage - *Learn how to download - Seach companies on line.

  • HTML Editors Carl Davis's HTML Editor Review.

  • Introduction to HTML.
    - A beginner's guide to HTML by Dave.
    - How to write your own Web page using HTML.

  • Coffee Cup HTML Editor
    - This link will lead you to: Shaware Cnet; Type "ftp" in the search box to get all you need in "FTP" downloading. .Another associated link of Coffee Cup Editor, "Cnet download" also has these features:*image gallery.*text wizard.*tags and automatic sizing.*flash wizard.*frame, table, font designer.*On line help.

  • Html goodies

    - Web design goodies
    - Java Scrip goodies

  • Free HTML online Training Course and Creating your Own Web page.

    - From "E - Learning Center 10 week course free. - Class covers: * Basic HTML. * Text manipulation.* Lists.* Images. * Linking.* Table.* Frames.* Overview of forms

Cool links

Arts and Humanities

  • The National Internet Public Library

    This gateway will take you to several associations on the Net such as: * Arts and Humanities.* Business.*Computer.* Education. * Health Med.* Sciences.* Law and Government.* Regional and Country Information.* Social Sciences.

    Thoses links are updated regularly in English.

Health and Medicine:

  • Martha Jefferson Hospital Charl'ville

  • UVA Health System
    To send an E-card to a patient, simply click the link above and look for the banner that says "Send an E-Card to a Patient" at the lower left hand side. Send love, greetings and good wishes in seconds to a current in-patient in UVA hospital.

  • Medline plus offers a large range of information on:
    * Health News.* Health Topics.* Drugs.* Med. Dictionaries. *Directories.(Location of Doctors, Dentists and Surgeons.) *FAQs
  • The site is updated regularly in English and Spanish.

  • Ask Dr. Weil Also go to Dr.Weil Self Healing Page.


  • QuackWatch is a great help against the wave of false and maldisclosed sources of health from emails and gossip news.

Computers and Technology:

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